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At Efficient Coach, we are more than just a team of coaches and self-development enthusiasts. We are a tapestry of unique stories and experiences, fervently dedicated to helping you uncover and harness your inner strengths. Our unified vision for transformative coaching and our unwavering commitment to your aspirations set the rhythm of our collective heartbeat.

We hold a steadfast belief that within every individual lies a wellspring of untapped potential. It’s our vocation to guide you to that wellspring, streamlining your journey to self-mastery and fulfillment. Our diverse experiences, fervor for lifting others, and insights into the intricacies of personal evolution make us your ideal companions on this voyage.

By fusing time-tested coaching practices with contemporary, data-driven techniques, we create a bespoke experience centered around you. Our end goal? To aid you in surmounting challenges, fostering enduring self-growth, and awakening the innate power of introspection, revelation, and perpetual development.

At Efficient Coach, we champion self-reflection, inquisitiveness, and evolution. We’ve carved out a haven that amplifies these virtues, laying the foundation for both individual and collective thriving.

Alexander – Director Guiding us with a steady hand and visionary leadership, Alex ensures we’re always on the right path, setting the standard for excellence.

Michael – Marketing Strategist Crafting campaigns and strategies, Michael ensures our brand’s voice reaches far and wide, resonating with our audience.

Paulo – Developer The technical genius behind our seamless online experience. Every line of code Paulo writes translates into a smooth experience for our users.

Susana – Community Manager Building bridges with our community, Susana ensures our brand remains interactive, engaging, and responsive to our audience’s needs.

Cassidy – Support Specialist Always there with a ready answer or a helping hand, Cassidy ensures every user query is addressed promptly and efficiently.

Theodore – Graphic Designer With an eye for aesthetics, Theodore transforms ideas into visual masterpieces, setting our brand’s visual tone.

Course Creators

Marie Berne PhD: Intellectual, Herbal Specialist, and Master in Literature

Occupation: Writer, Translator, Educator, Therapeutic and Herbal Medicine Specialist

Education: Degree in Literature, PhD in Comparative Literature

Certifications: Expertise in therapeutic treatments and herbal medicine

Overview: Marie Berne’s journey has taken her from the halls of academia to the therapeutic realms of herbal medicine. With a rich foundation in literature and cultural studies, Marie seamlessly branched into therapies, enthralling many with her deep knowledge of teas, wines, and herbs. Her cultural immersion, having lived in diverse regions such as Canada, Hong Kong, Paris, and London, only adds to her multifaceted persona.


  1. Eloge de l’idiotie (In Praise of Idiocy): A profound exploration into the intriguing ‘idiot’ narrators in literature.

  2. The True Love of the Octopus/Le grand amour de la pieuvre (2017): A testament to Marie’s narrative capabilities, published by L’Arbre vengeur.

  3. L’homme qu’on appelait jeudi (The Man who was Thursday, 2020): Marie’s unique take on GK Chesterton’s debut, translated into French for L’Arbre vengeur.

Academic Contributions:

  • “Urban Planning Goes Rural: Conceptualising the “New Village”” by David Bray, published in Chinese Perspectives, 2013.

  • Clare Finburgh’s “Behind the Screen: Television War on the English Stage” in Theater/Public.


  • “Marie’s passion for nature is truly contagious. Collaborating with her has always been insightful. Her keen attention to detail and genuine passion for plants, teas, and wines is admirable.”Michael Isted, The Herball, London

  • “Marie’s expertise transformed my perception of tea. The cultural depth she brings, coupled with her knowledge of books and tastes, is truly inspiring.”Sylvia Whitman, Shakespeare and Company, Paris

Conclusion: Marie Berne, a versatile intellectual, has a unique ability to amalgamate cultures, tastes, and knowledge. Her impact, be it in literature, therapy, or art, is profound and wide-reaching. Her journey reflects not just academic excellence but a genuine passion for enhancing well-being and understanding the intricate nuances of cultures and nature.

Harold Sconiers: Head Coach at Efficient Coach & Digital Marketing Expert

Current Occupation: Head Coach at Efficient Coach and Marketing Software Specialist at Virtual Selling Solution

Specializations: Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Life Coach, Content Creator

Tagline: Empowering Businesses with Exponential Growth Tools Online.

About: Harold Sconiers, once a pinnacle figure in the world of professional sports, has since transformed into a beacon of resilience, holistic success, and intentional living. His personal journey into self-actualization imbued him with a profound understanding: success is multidimensional, spanning emotional, mental, and spiritual arenas, not just material achievements.

As the Head Coach at Efficient Coach, Harold leverages his insights to guide others towards their peak potential. Simultaneously, with his profound expertise in online marketing, he provides businesses and solo entrepreneurs with a comprehensive arsenal to boost their online visibility. From SEO to social media strategies, Harold ensures clients effectively engage their target audience and achieve impactful conversions.


  1. Virtual Selling SolutionMarketing Software Specialist

    • Location: Reno, Nevada (Remote)
    • Tenure: Jun 2023 – Present (5 months)
  2. Elevating AwarenessSpeaker, Author, and Coach

    • Location: Worldwide
    • Tenure: Feb 2017 – Dec 2019 (2 years 11 months)
  3. Crushing It CoachingLife Coach

    • Tenure: Dec 2016 – Dec 2019 (3 years 1 month)
    • Description: Passionately facilitating breakthroughs in business, personal evolution, and weight loss, Harold champions the belief that everyone possesses innate potential waiting to be unlocked.
  4. Superior Mind PowerAuthor/Content Creator

    • Location: Virtual
    • Tenure: May 2009 – Dec 2019 (10 years 8 months)
    • Description: Authored a multitude of resources including books and online courses, covering a spectrum from self-development to Professional Coaching.


  • West Orange High: 1990 – 1994


  1. Certified Intuitive “Mentor”

    • Issued by: Universal Intelligence
    • Date: Jan 2018
  2. Life Purpose Coach

    • Issued by: United Latino Students Association
    • Date: Jul 2016
  3. Certified Conversational Hypnotherapist

    • Issued by: Igor Ledochowski – IAPC
    • Date: Nov 2009

Conclusion: Harold Sconiers, with his dynamic blend of personal growth wisdom and modern digital marketing techniques, positions himself as an indispensable asset for those seeking a transformative journey, both personally and professionally. As the guiding force at Efficient Coach, Harold invites you to unearth your potential and thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

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