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Your Pathway to Becoming an Art Therapy Life Coach

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Learn to Help Others Express Themselves Through Art

Imagine using the universal language of art to both heal yourself and become a guiding light for others on their wellness journey. Life can be a whirlpool of stress, anxiety, and emotional challenges, leaving us—and those around us—struggling to find balance. What if you could be the catalyst that introduces the soothing, expressive power of art into people’s lives, turning their emotional turmoil into a journey of self-discovery and healing?

We’ve all felt the calming touch that comes from doodling on a pad or getting lost in a painting. The beauty of art therapy lies in its simplicity: it’s a way for people to express complicated feelings without having to find the right words. Science supports this too, showing that art therapy can significantly ease various conditions—from lowering stress in cancer patients to enhancing focus in kids with attention disorders.

What makes art therapy truly special is its non-judgmental nature. It doesn’t matter if you’re not an artist; it’s about using artistic activities as a bridge to access and understand your emotions. It could be through sketching, crafting, writing, or even acting. The goal isn’t to create a masterpiece but to understand oneself better and spark positive change.

What You'll Gain: Beyond a Recognized Art Therapy Certificate

Completing this transformative course offers more than just a piece of paper; it equips you with a renewed sense of purpose that has the power to touch lives. Here’s how you’ll use your training:

Unlock Creative Potential: Leverage your Art Therapy Life Coach certification to help individuals and communities explore the therapeutic power of art, breaking down emotional barriers and unlocking newfound self-expression.

Nourish Your Soul: Experience the unique satisfaction and joy that come from facilitating another person’s journey to emotional balance and mental well-being.

Be a Force for Change: Witness the incredible transformations that can unfold when people channel their emotions through art, effectively managing stress, anxiety, and other emotional hurdles under your compassionate guidance.

Our Commitment to You: Risk-Free Exploration

We understand the gravity of the decision to walk this path, and we want it to deeply resonate with your core values. That’s why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Dive into the course, absorb its multi-disciplinary artistic wisdom, and if you find it’s not aligned with your goals, you can exit with a full refund, no questions asked. Your well-being and satisfaction are our utmost priorities, and if this isn’t the right journey for you, we respect and honor that choice.

Illuminate the Canvas of Well-Being for Those Around You

Picture a loved one caught in the crosshairs of emotional turmoil—besieged by stress, grappling with self-doubt, and clouded by a sense of creative stagnation. You notice the emotional toll: the vanishing spark in their eyes, the slump of their shoulders, the air of defeat. They’ve reached a point where emotional balance seems like an insurmountable feat, as they struggle to articulate their feelings or find outlets for their pent-up emotions.

Now, envision yourself empowered with the skills and wisdom of an Art Life Coach. You become their emotional and creative confidant, guiding them toward emotional equilibrium through the power of artistic expression. You help them explore different art forms—be it painting, drawing, music, or writing—as avenues for emotional release and self-discovery. As they reconnect with their inner selves and find peace, your own spirit soars with a profound sense of accomplishment. By guiding them toward a healthier emotional state through art, you’ve not only impacted their life but also enriched your own. This is the transformative power you’ll wield as a certified Art Life Coach.

Quick Overview: Empower Lives Through Art Therapy Life Coaching

Why It Matters
  • Guide people from emotional turmoil to creative liberation.
  • Relish the joy that comes with nurturing others’ emotional and artistic growth.
  • Understand the psychology of art therapy, exploring how various art forms impact emotional well-being.
  • Assess clients’ emotional states and artistic preferences to create impactful therapeutic plans.
  • Help clients set achievable emotional and artistic goals.
  • Develop personalized artistic journeys tailored to individual emotional needs.
  • Incorporate mindfulness and holistic well-being practices into your coaching.
  • Educate on stress management through artistic expression and its links to emotional well-being.
Transform Lives
  • Lead others to emotional balance and creative freedom.
  • Counteract the debilitating effects of stress, emotional trauma, and creative blockages.

This program is more than just a certificate; it’s a transformative expedition. Change not only your life but also the lives of those around you by guiding them towards more enriched, emotionally balanced futures.


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Imagine the elation of witnessing your clients break through emotional barriers and rediscover joy, all because you guided them through a transformative artistic process. This is more than just a career; it’s a calling that enhances emotional well-being and enriches lives.

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Join us to engage in work that fuels your soul, with clients who will deeply value your unique blend of artistic and therapeutic expertise—and yes, get paid for doing what you love. What could be more fulfilling?

New to This? No Worries, Your Journey Begins Here

Worried about having no prior experience in art therapy or coaching? No need to fret. Our program is meticulously designed to be inclusive and enriching for all, irrespective of your background in art, psychology, or coaching. Our course equips you with the fundamental skills, practical tools, and the confidence you need to not only grasp the principles of therapeutic art but also to launch your own Art Life Coaching practice. Your starting point doesn’t define you; it’s the transformative journey that lies ahead which truly matters.

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Experience Our Dynamic, Interactive, and Innovative Learning Curriculum

Before delving into the heart of the discipline of art therapy, we will examine the basics of psychology. This will allow you to understand your patients’ problems better, how to deal with them, and the inner resources available to them.

In this first module, you will discover :

  • The history of psychology
  • The principles that guide this discipline
  • The link between philosophy and psychology
  • A practical exercise: the family portrait

This second module is still mostly theoretical. We will first examine how our brains work and can be affected by various disorders. We will then focus on a broad definition of art therapy: a therapy through art that aims to mobilize the patient’s inner resources.

This module will cover :

  • The creation of ideas
  • The origin of dysfunctions and pathologies
  • The relationship with neuroscience
  • The history of art therapy and its origin
  • The humanist approach to psychology

Now that we’ve covered the basics, we’ll get to the heart of the matter: art therapy. It is about understanding how art can be therapeutic, the basic concepts that govern this discipline, and how it has changed over time.

Here is what you will see in this module :

  • The connection between art and creativity
  • The beginnings of art therapy
  • When it was first recognized by science
  • The Rorschach test
  • Expressive art therapy

This module focuses on an essential notion with which you will work throughout the course: color. What it expresses is subjective, which is what makes it worthwhile to us. We will examine the different attributes of color, including its expressive abilities and how it works on emotions and feelings.

In this fourth module, you will discover :

  • Conscious art
  • Coloring and mindfulness
  • Mandalas
  • Zentangles
  • The theory of colors
  • Practical exercises

This module will help you better know your patients by working on the pathologies that may affect them. We will paint a portrait of the primary disorders you may encounter and how art therapy can provide answers.

This module will cover the following points :

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Addiction and art therapy
  • Trauma and art therapy
  • Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and art therapy
  • Depression and art therapy
  • Cancer and art therapy
  • Art therapy when experiencing stress and negative emotions
  • Even if some people may have the same objectives because of their pathology, everyone is unique. In addition, specific audiences, such as children and the elderly, require special attention. We will work on the different modalities and how to address each of these groups.

    You will discover in this module :

    • Individual therapies
    • Group therapy
    • The aging process
    • How you can work with a specific audience
    • Precautions to be taken
    • Exercises

Now that you have the necessary concepts in mind let’s get down to the practicalities. This module focuses on the four stages of an art therapy session: the beginning, the artistic activity, the exchange that follows, and the end, each giving you the keys to building a successful session.

This module will cover :

  • The context and setting of a session
  • The notion of routine
  • The work to be done before and after
  • Relaxation and warm-up exercises
  • Your role as an art therapist
  • Examples of sessions
  • Practical exercises

This last module is, above all, an assortment of activities! It presents one by one the different mediums that you can use, explaining their benefits, and each time suggesting suitable art therapy exercises that you can quickly set up.

In this module, you will discover :

  • A catalog of activities by artistic medium
  • How to choose your activities
  • Painting, drawing
  • Sculpture, modeling
  • Writing, theater
  • Photography, collages, multimedia activities
  • Dance and music

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