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Art Life Coaching embarks you on a transformative journey, blending creativity with personal growth. It’s grounded in the belief that everyone possesses inherent creativity, serving as a pivotal tool for change. This path invites you to delve into your creative essence, fostering self-connection, personal development, and authentic self-expression. By joining our community, you’ll tap into art’s healing power, enhancing well-being, resilience, and a sense of connectedness.

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Learn to Help Others Express Themselves Through Art

Imagine using the universal language of art to both heal yourself and become a guiding light for others on their wellness journey. Life can be a whirlpool of stress, anxiety, and emotional challenges, leaving us—and those around us—struggling to find balance. What if you could be the catalyst that introduces the soothing, expressive power of art into people’s lives, turning their emotional turmoil into a journey of self-discovery and healing?

We’ve all felt the calming touch that comes from doodling on a pad or getting lost in a painting. The beauty of art therapy lies in its simplicity: it’s a way for people to express complicated feelings without having to find the right words. Science supports this too, showing that art therapy can significantly ease various conditions—from lowering stress in cancer patients to enhancing focus in kids with attention disorders.

What makes art therapy truly special is its non-judgmental nature. It doesn’t matter if you’re not an artist; it’s about using artistic activities as a bridge to access and understand your emotions. It could be through sketching, crafting, writing, or even acting. The goal isn’t to create a masterpiece but to understand oneself better and spark positive change.

What You'll Gain: Beyond a Recognized Art Life Coach Certificate

Completing this transformative course offers more than just a piece of paper; it equips you with a renewed sense of purpose that has the power to touch lives. Here’s how you’ll use your training:

Unlock Creative Potential: Leverage your Art Life Coach certification to help individuals and communities explore the therapeutic power of art, breaking down emotional barriers and unlocking newfound self-expression.

Nourish Your Soul: Experience the unique satisfaction and joy that come from facilitating another person’s journey to emotional balance and mental well-being.

Be a Force for Change: Witness the incredible transformations that can unfold when people channel their emotions through art, effectively managing stress, anxiety, and other emotional hurdles under your compassionate guidance.

Our Commitment to You: Risk-Free Exploration

We understand that this is a significant commitment, one that should resonate deeply with your heart and soul. That’s why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Engage with the course materials, explore its wisdom, and if you find that this isn’t the path for you, you can gracefully exit with a full refund. Your well-being is our ultimate aim, and if this isn’t your journey, we honor that.

Illuminate the Canvas of Well-Being for Those Around You

Picture a loved one caught in the crosshairs of emotional turmoil—besieged by stress, grappling with self-doubt, and clouded by a sense of creative stagnation. You notice the emotional toll: the vanishing spark in their eyes, the slump of their shoulders, the air of defeat. They’ve reached a point where emotional balance seems like an insurmountable feat, as they struggle to articulate their feelings or find outlets for their pent-up emotions.

Now, envision yourself empowered with the skills and wisdom of an Art Life Coach. You become their emotional and creative confidant, guiding them toward emotional equilibrium through the power of artistic expression. You help them explore different art forms—be it painting, drawing, music, or writing—as avenues for emotional release and self-discovery. As they reconnect with their inner selves and find peace, your own spirit soars with a profound sense of accomplishment. By guiding them toward a healthier emotional state through art, you’ve not only impacted their life but also enriched your own. This is the transformative power you’ll wield as a certified Art Life Coach.

Quick Overview: Empower Lives Through Art Life Coaching

Why It Matters
  • Guide people from emotional turmoil to creative liberation.
  • Relish the joy that comes with nurturing others’ emotional and artistic growth.
  • Understand the psychology of art therapy, exploring how various art forms impact emotional well-being.
  • Assess clients’ emotional states and artistic preferences to create impactful therapeutic plans.
  • Help clients set achievable emotional and artistic goals.
  • Develop personalized artistic journeys tailored to individual emotional needs.
  • Incorporate mindfulness and holistic well-being practices into your coaching.
  • Educate on stress management through artistic expression and its links to emotional well-being.
Transform Lives
  • Lead others to emotional balance and creative freedom.
  • Counteract the debilitating effects of stress, emotional trauma, and creative blockages.

This program is more than just a certificate; it’s a transformative expedition. Change not only your life but also the lives of those around you by guiding them towards more enriched, emotionally balanced futures.

Start Your Art Life Coaching Journey Today

Imagine the elation of witnessing your clients break through emotional barriers and rediscover joy, all because you guided them through a transformative artistic process. This is more than just a career; it’s a calling that enhances emotional well-being and enriches lives.

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Join us to engage in work that fuels your soul, with clients who will deeply value your unique blend of artistic and therapeutic expertise—and yes, get paid for doing what you love. What could be more fulfilling?

New to This? No Worries, Your Journey Begins Here

Worried about having no prior experience in art therapy or coaching? No need to fret. Our program is meticulously designed to be inclusive and enriching for all, irrespective of your background in art, psychology, or coaching. Our course equips you with the fundamental skills, practical tools, and the confidence you need to not only grasp the principles of therapeutic art but also to launch your own Art Life Coaching practice. Your starting point doesn’t define you; it’s the transformative journey that lies ahead which truly matters.

In this comprehensive program, you will:

Who is this certification for?

Meet Some of Our Course Curators

Isabel Churchill MA.

Isabel S. Churchill, MA, CCC, is a distinguished figure in holistic health and a Reiki Master Teacher, renowned for transforming lives through energy medicine. Holding a Master’s degree in Career and Personal Counseling from Université de Moncton, her deep grasp of human psychology enhances her therapeutic techniques, establishing her as a leader in holistic wellness. At her Inner Guide Center in Fairfax, Virginia, Isabel provides tailored healing sessions that align chakras and cleanse energies, designed to restore balance and vitality. Celebrated for her compassionate approach, Isabel is committed to advancing both individual and collective well-being through her expert application of Reiki and other energy practices.

Marie Berne PhD.

Marie Berne PhD, an award-winning author and expert in literature, herbal therapies, and cultural studies, holds a PhD in Comparative Literature and a Degree in Herbal Medicine. Renowned as a writer, educator, and therapeutic specialist, her global experience and passion for herbal remedies underscore her unique interdisciplinary approach. Marie is celebrated for her contributions that blend cultural understanding with holistic wellness, highlighting the intricate relationship between nature and narrative.

Harold Sconiers

Harold Sconiers is a world-renowned coach, guiding individuals and businesses toward significant growth. He expertly blends marketing acumen with deep insights into personal and professional potential. As a celebrated speaker, life coach, and content creator, Harold excels at unlocking his clients' innate potential. His expertise is reinforced by certifications in intuitive mentoring, life purpose coaching, and conversational hypnotherapy, adopting a holistic approach to success. Harold is the go-to coach for thriving in today's dynamic environment.

Creative Empowerment in Every Life


Imagine a world where every brush stroke and color choice is a step towards healing, where painting and sculpture are more than just hobbies—they are vital practices for expressing and working through life's struggles.

A world where art life coaching empowers individuals to explore their inner landscapes, using creativity as a transformative tool to confront, understand, and share their personal journeys of challenge and resilience.

Where communities thrive on creativity and empathy, with art as the bridge, inspiring a collective journey towards understanding, healing, and unity.

What You'll Learn in the Program

This curriculum is meticulously crafted by a collective of renowned art therapists, life coaches, psychologists, artists, researchers, and experienced practitioners in the field of creative healing. Upon completing this program, you will possess the tools to facilitate your own emotional and psychological healing, offer support and guidance within your community, create a personal art therapy practice, launch a career in art life coaching, and achieve much more.

Experience Our Dynamic, Interactive, and Innovative Learning Curriculum

In this opening module, embark on an enlightening journey into the realm of Art Life Coaching. Discover the foundational principles and the transformative power of art in the coaching process.

  • Exploring Mandalas: Uncover the significance of mandalas in art therapy. Learn how these intricate, circular designs serve as a window into a client’s inner world, revealing hidden emotions and thoughts through their symbolic patterns.

  • Thematic Drawing: Delve into the technique of thematic drawing. This approach encourages clients to express their deepest fears, aspirations, and self-perceptions artistically, offering a unique perspective on their inner narrative.

  • Artistic Storytelling: Engage with the captivating world of artistic storytelling. Through sequential artwork and collages, you’ll see how visual narratives can bring to light clients’ experiences, values, and ambitions, providing a rich canvas for understanding and growth.

  • Self-Care for Coaches: Prioritize your well-being with our focused module on self-care for art life coaches. From practicing mindfulness to engaging in creative activities, learn how to maintain balance and nurture your creativity, ensuring you are fully present and effective in your coaching role.

  • Integrating Art Therapy Techniques: Discover how integrating art therapy into life coaching can unlock new potentials. Explore various artistic mediums like painting and drawing, and see how they facilitate self-exploration, emotional expression, and personal growth in clients.

  • Diverse Art Forms in Coaching: Experience the diversity of art therapy with techniques ranging from clay modeling to guided painting. Each form offers a unique approach to help clients articulate their goals and witness their own transformation.

Module 2 delves deeper into the fascinating convergence of art and coaching, offering a comprehensive understanding of how these two disciplines can synergistically enhance the coaching experience.

  • Foundational Principles: Begin by exploring the core principles that underpin both art therapy and coaching. Understand how blending these practices can bring about profound benefits, enriching the coaching journey with creativity and insight.

  • Therapeutic Potential of Art Therapy: Engage with the therapeutic aspects of art therapy. Learn about various theoretical frameworks that support its use in coaching, and discover how art can unlock new dimensions of understanding and healing.

  • Effective Communication and Ethical Practices: Focus on the importance of clear communication, setting achievable goals, and embracing vulnerability within the coaching relationship. Delve into the ethical considerations crucial to art therapy, ensuring a practice that is respectful and responsible.

  • Practical Art Therapy Exercises: Experience hands-on with a range of art therapy exercises designed to promote stress reduction, mindfulness, and self-care. These activities are not just therapeutic but also serve as powerful tools for self-discovery and reflection, which you can integrate into your sessions.

  • Enhancing Self-Awareness Through Art: Learn how art can be a medium for enhancing clients’ self-awareness and self-expression. Gain insights into setting up an ideal workspace, choosing the right art materials, and practical techniques that seamlessly combine art with coaching methods.

  • Creating a Supportive Environment: Understand the importance of fostering a safe and nurturing space for clients. Discover how various art therapy techniques can be employed to build trust and rapport, making each coaching session a journey of mutual discovery and growth.

In Module 3, delve into the transformative power of art therapy in influencing and improving clients’ emotional states during coaching sessions.

  • Ethical Application of Art Therapy: Begin with a comprehensive overview of the ethical guidelines essential for integrating art therapy into coaching. Understand how to responsibly and respectfully use art therapy to assist clients grappling with emotional challenges.

  • The Emotional Influence of Colors: Explore the fascinating relationship between colors and emotions. Learn about the symbolic meanings of different colors across cultures, and how colors can dramatically affect mood and emotional responses. This section includes insightful exercises for clients, focusing on color psychology.

  • Choosing the Right Art Medium: Discover the importance of selecting an appropriate art therapy medium for each client. Examine various mediums like painting, drawing, sculpture, and collage, and understand how each can evoke distinct emotions and experiences. Tailor your approach to meet individual client needs and preferences while maintaining ethical considerations, such as confidentiality and safe material use.

  • Exercises for Emotional Exploration: Engage with exercises designed for clients to experiment with different art therapy mediums. Delve into the meanings behind common shapes used in art therapy, like circles, spirals, squares, and crosses. Understand how neutral colors can be used to convey specific messages, mirroring techniques used in business branding and interior design.

  • Warm and Cool Colors: Analyze the impact of warm colors like red, orange, and yellow, known for their energetic and stimulating effects, and how they can evoke feelings of passion and excitement. Contrastingly, examine cool colors such as blue, green, and purple, and their association with calmness, nature, and luxury.

  • Cultural and Contextual Color Symbolism: Emphasize the significance of understanding the cultural and contextual influences on color symbolism. Appreciate how colors carry diverse meanings across different cultures and contexts, and the importance of this awareness in coaching.

  • Environmental and Historical Influences: Investigate how geographical factors and historical events influence color preferences and symbolism, adding another layer of understanding to the use of color in art therapy.

  • Client-Focused Exercises: Conclude with a series of client exercises, including creating color mood boards, engaging in abstract art, and researching cross-cultural color symbolism. These activities are designed to assist clients in expressing their emotions through art, enhancing their understanding of color psychology, and fostering emotional well-being.

Module 4 focuses on the crucial role of intention setting in art therapy sessions with coaching clients, emphasizing how intentions can guide and enhance the therapeutic experience.

  • The Power of Intention Setting: Understand the transformative potential of setting clear intentions in art therapy. Learn techniques to uncover deeper, perhaps hidden, intentions, setting the stage for a more focused and meaningful session.

  • Expressive Art Techniques: Explore a variety of expressive art techniques, such as emotional release painting and expressive collage creation. These methods offer clients a way to visually represent their emotions, desires, and challenges, providing a tangible form to their internal states.

  • Visualization and Journaling: Dive into the practice of visualization exercises and journaling. Visualization can help clients picture their ideal future and specific intentions, while journaling offers a reflective space to deepen self-awareness and track progress over time.

  • Questioning Techniques in Art Therapy: Learn about the effective use of various questioning techniques – open-ended, reflective, metaphorical, empathic, exploratory, and future-oriented. These questions are designed to encourage deeper exploration and understanding of the art created in therapy sessions.

  • Practical Exercises for Art Therapy: Engage with practical exercises, including narrative drawing and strengths visualization collage. These exercises are tailored to help clients express their emotions and desires creatively, aiding in self-discovery and personal growth.

  • Easing Client Hesitations: The module also provides a script and strategies for easing the worries of clients who may be hesitant to try art therapy. This aspect is vital in creating a comfortable and trusting environment for clients to explore art therapy.

  • Reflective Questions and Reframing Problems: Incorporate reflective questions and techniques for reframing problems to assist clients in exploring different perspectives and finding solutions through their artwork.

Module 5 delves into the vital aspect of developing keen observational skills in coaching with art therapy, emphasizing the need for a nuanced understanding of the creative elements in clients’ artwork.

  • Learning Artistic Techniques and Principles: Equip yourself with artistic knowledge to better identify and understand the creative elements present in your clients’ artwork. This understanding is crucial for a more informed and sensitive approach to art therapy.

  • Impartial Analysis and Client Considerations: Learn the importance of remaining impartial while analyzing artwork. The module stresses considering the client’s own thoughts and perceptions, offering guidance on how to approach art interpretation in a way that respects the client’s perspective.

  • Systematic Art Examination Approach: Develop a systematic method for examining and reflecting upon the artwork. This approach includes practicing observation skills and taking time to thoroughly engage with the artistic expressions of your clients.

  • Metaphorical Analysis Technique: Explore the “Metaphorical Analysis” technique, which involves deciphering the metaphors and symbolic elements in artwork to gain deeper insights into a client’s thoughts, feelings, and experiences. This section includes strategies for asking open-ended questions to encourage clients to explore the symbolic meanings in their creativity.

  • Creating a Safe and Supportive Environment: Understand the significance of creating a safe space for art therapy. Learn how to set appropriate boundaries, build trust, and design meaningful art prompts and activities that encourage self-expression.

  • Interpreting and Reviewing Client’s Artwork: Focus on the nuances of interpreting and reviewing artwork, including establishing trust, actively listening, respecting boundaries, and involving clients in the therapeutic process.

  • Understanding the Symbolic Language of Artwork: Dive into the rich symbolic language of art. This involves understanding the meanings behind colors, shapes, and imagery, recognizing the personal and cultural influences on interpretation, and viewing the artistic process as a transformative journey.

  • Techniques for Artwork Interpretation and Review: Learn a range of techniques for artwork interpretation, including exploring emotions and themes, observing and analyzing emotional qualities, identifying narrative elements, exploring symbolic language, considering context, and engaging in reflective dialogue.

  • Collaborative Interpretation with Clients: Emphasize the importance of collaboration with clients in interpreting their artwork. Their input is invaluable in uncovering the true meaning and context behind their artistic creations.

Module 6 explores the specialized application of art therapy techniques within the context of coaching, focusing on how artistic methods can enhance goal setting and action planning.

  • Artistic Representation of Goals: Learn how representing goals in an artistic format can provide clarity and make them more tangible. This approach can transform abstract aspirations into concrete, visual representations, aiding in understanding and motivation.

  • Vision Boards and Dream Visualization: Discover the power of vision boards and dream visualization exercises. These tools allow clients to creatively express their aspirations and visualize their dreams, fostering a deeper connection to their goals.

  • Collages for Goal Setting: Delve into the use of collages as a method for goal setting. Collages enable clients to piece together various aspects of their goals, offering a unique and comprehensive perspective on what they aim to achieve.

  • Mind Maps and Flow Charts: Explore the utility of mind maps and flow charts. These tools are excellent for organizing thoughts, mapping out steps towards objectives, and visually tracking progress.

  • Mind Mapping for Goal Setting and Tracking: Gain insights into the process of mind mapping as a dynamic tool for goal setting and tracking progress. Learn to guide clients in visually laying out their objectives, identifying potential obstacles, and developing actionable steps towards their goals.

  • Using Mind Maps for Progress Visualization: Understand how mind maps can be used to outline and reflect on the journey towards specific objectives. This process helps in visualizing each step, identifying challenges, and maintaining motivation through regular updates and reviews.

  • Action Planning with Mind Maps: Dive into the practical aspect of converting mind maps into concrete action plans. Assist clients in summarizing key subcategories from their mind maps and developing structured plans to achieve their goals.

  • Regular Review and Refinement: Emphasize the importance of regularly reviewing and updating mind maps to track progress, adapt to changes, and refine strategies as needed.

Module 7 focuses on the effective translation of insights gained from art therapy into actionable steps in the coaching process, particularly emphasizing its application in working with children.

  • Reflecting on Artwork for Insight: Learn how to guide clients, especially children, in reflecting on their artwork to uncover key insights. This process involves identifying emotions, thoughts, and narratives depicted in their art.

  • Connecting Art to Coaching Goals: Understand how to make meaningful connections between the insights derived from art therapy and the client’s coaching goals. This involves setting clear, achievable objectives based on the themes and emotions revealed through their artwork.

  • Action Plan Development: Explore how to create an effective action plan that incorporates these insights. This includes steps like goal setting, identifying necessary actions, and establishing timelines.

  • Ongoing Support and Visual Contracts: Discover the importance of providing ongoing support to clients and using techniques like visual contracts to reinforce commitment and accountability in achieving their goals.

  • Guidance on Art Therapy with Children: Delve into the specific benefits, considerations, and best practices when using art therapy with children. Learn how art therapy can boost self-esteem, foster self-awareness, and encourage social interaction.

  • Integrating Art Therapy in Coaching Sessions: Gain tips on integrating art therapy effectively in coaching sessions with children, including using drawing as a warm-up exercise and allowing expression through various art materials.

  • Art Therapy Techniques for Children: Explore specific art therapy techniques tailored for children, such as the Anger Monsters technique for managing emotions, collaborative art projects for social skills development, and storytelling and drawing activities for emotional exploration.

  • Benefits of Art Therapy in Childhood Development: Understand how art therapy can aid children in developing coping strategies, emotional regulation, social skills, and self-awareness. It’s particularly effective in supporting children with anxiety, depression, trauma, chronic illnesses, and ADHD.

  • Ethical Considerations in Child Art Therapy: Learn the critical ethical guidelines to follow when conducting art therapy with children, including obtaining informed consent, respecting autonomy, maintaining confidentiality, and avoiding conflicts of interest.

  • Creative Introductions to Art Therapy for Children: Discover engaging ways to introduce children to art therapy, such as scribble drawing, icebreaker exercises, and creating a Tree of Strength to help them explore their inner strengths and positive qualities.

Module 8 explores the integration of dream analysis and free association into art therapy within the coaching context, offering innovative approaches to accessing unconscious thoughts and promoting personal growth.

  • Dream Analysis in Art Therapy: Learn the techniques of dream analysis in the context of art therapy. Understand how to guide clients in translating their dreams into artistic expressions, providing valuable insights into their unconscious mind.

  • Free Association Techniques: Explore the use of free association in art therapy. This approach encourages clients to spontaneously express thoughts and feelings through art, leading to deeper self-awareness and uncovering hidden emotions.

  • Metaphors and Symbolism in Coaching: Delve into the significance of metaphors and symbolism in the self-improvement journey. Learn how to interpret these elements in your clients’ artwork and utilize them to facilitate personal and emotional growth.

  • Art Therapy for Trauma Clients: Gain insights into modifying art therapy techniques for clients dealing with trauma. This section provides a step-by-step guide to introducing art therapy to trauma clients, focusing on sensitivity and understanding.

  • Art Therapy Techniques for Healing: Discover various art therapy techniques that support the healing journey, such as creating grounding mandalas and using visual journals to express emotions. These methods are instrumental in fostering a sense of empowerment and resilience.

  • Guided Imagery and Visualization: Explore the use of guided imagery and visualization in art therapy. This technique helps clients to envision and artistically represent their thoughts and feelings, leading to increased self-awareness and emotional release.

  • Benefits of Art Therapy Techniques: Understand the broad benefits of engaging in art therapy, including enhanced emotional expression, release of pent-up emotions, increased sense of empowerment, insight, and resilience.

  • Supporting the Individual’s Needs: Learn how to address concerns and questions from clients, especially those new to art therapy. Emphasize the importance of reassuring them of their control over the process and establishing a collaborative plan tailored to their needs and preferences.

Module 9 introduces the fundamentals of art therapy, offering a range of creative exercises that can be integrated into coaching sessions to facilitate personal growth, emotional expression, and self-discovery.

  • Exploring Self Through Sculpting and Drawing: Dive into exercises like sculpting one’s ideal self and drawing different sides of oneself. These activities allow clients to visually represent and explore various aspects of their identity and aspirations.

  • Unique Artistic Expressions: Experiment with creating art using fingerprints, writing personal fairy tales, and building family trees of strength. These exercises provide clients with innovative ways to express and connect with their inner selves.

  • Mapping and Autobiographical Art: Engage clients in creating maps of consciousness and visual autobiographies. These artistic expressions help clients articulate their life journey, values, and experiences in a profound and meaningful way.

  • Boxes of Values and Personal Altars: Learn how to guide clients in creating boxes of values and personal altars. These exercises aid in identifying and honoring their core beliefs and significant life aspects.

  • Artistic Representation of Identity and Transformation: Explore exercises like drawing good qualities, designing personal coats of arms, and creating visual transformation sequences. These activities empower clients to represent and reflect on their positive attributes, life transformations, and goals.

  • Benefits of Art Therapy: Understand the wide-ranging benefits of art therapy, including its ability to promote self-discovery, emotional expression, and personal growth, as well as offering stress relief and self-care opportunities for both clients and therapists.

  • Adapting Art Therapy for Diverse Needs: Discover how to adapt art therapy techniques for children, individuals dealing with trauma, and virtual coaching sessions. Learn the importance of creating a safe and supportive environment for all clients.

  • Directive and Non-Directive Approaches: Gain insights into incorporating both directive and non-directive approaches in art life coaching. Understand how metaphors can be a powerful tool in articulating personal experiences and fostering change.

  • Art Therapy for Holistic Healing: Embrace the holistic approach of integrating art therapy into coaching, empowering clients to process emotions, access unconscious thoughts, and pursue healing and recovery.

  • Self-Care for Art Life Coaches: Acknowledge the importance of ongoing self-care for art life coaches to maintain their well-being and avoid burnout.

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Throughout the course, you will find a quiz at the end of each module. While these quizzes are not mandatory, we highly recommend taking them to prepare you for the final exam.

At the end of the course, there will be a final exam in the form of a multiple-choice questionnaire. To validate it, you must obtain 80% of correct answers. If you score less than 80%, you will have the opportunity to retake the exam. Once you pass the exam, you can print your certification online.

Our courses consist of downloadable PDF documents and audio material. These materials are accessible through your login, and you can download and review them as many times as you like.

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