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Awaken Your Purpose: The Path to Becoming a Spiritual Coach

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Embark on a Spiritual Coaching Odyssey

Dive deep into the essence of your being with Spiritual Coaching. This transformative journey invites you to explore beyond the surface of personal development, guiding you toward a soul-centered existence. Rooted in the profound belief that we are the conscious creators of our reality, Spiritual Coaching empowers you to transcend ego-driven goals, embrace your inner wisdom, and navigate life’s complexities with enlightened grace. It’s not just about achieving well-being; it’s about aligning with your authentic desires and fulfilling your highest purpose.

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Tapping into the creative power of the universe

Welcome to the Spiritual Coaching Odyssey – a transformative exploration designed to unlock and harness your potential. This program is more than just a learning experience; it’s a journey. It will enable you to delve deep into your own awareness and unlock a world of possibilities that you can offer to those seeking greater understanding of their lives and spiritual path.

This is a call to action. It’s an invitation to embark on a transformative journey, where you’ll develop your intuition, connect with your inner wisdom, and learn to guide others on their own path of self-discovery and growth.

As a spiritual coach, you will pioneer new ways of fostering transformation, making a deep impact on the lives of your clients. This journey goes beyond the physical realm, enabling both you and your clients to overcome limiting beliefs, connect with a broader consciousness, and harness the universal power of creativity and change.

In this course, you’ll unlock the tools and techniques necessary to guide those on their spiritual journey. You’ll learn how to help them recalibrate their life’s direction, align themselves with their true purpose, and rediscover the joy, meaning, and fulfillment inherent in their spiritual journey. By focusing on practical strategies and evidence-based methods, you’ll be equipped to provide effective guidance and have a profound impact on those you serve.

The Road Less Travelled: Aligning With Your Soul's Blueprint

Are you prepared to embark on a journey of self-discovery, diving into the intricacies of your own unique spiritual identity? Our Spiritual Coaching program is an immersive, transformative experience, specifically designed to help you reveal your purpose, align your actions with your innate abilities, and direct you towards meaningful spiritual connections.

In the noise and haste of modern life, many individuals have lost touch with their true selves, living according to societal expectations and common narratives. They proceed through life in a state of unconsciousness, unaware of their own inner voice and the spiritual depth that life has to offer. Life is more than mere existence; it’s a vibrant journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

Our comprehensive program offers an opportunity for spiritual awakening. It enables you to tap into your own reservoir of inner wisdom, unlock your inherent spiritual potential, and guide others towards realizing their true desires and spiritually-driven goals.

With a variety of spiritual tools and strategies, you’ll assist your clients in recognizing their limitless potential. You’ll guide them towards clarity, purpose, and fulfillment, allowing them to evolve into the best versions of themselves. As you facilitate this transformation in others, you will experience a significant shift within yourself, acknowledging and valuing your unique gifts and utilizing them to inspire change and spiritual awakening in those around you.

This program doesn’t just make you a coach; it takes you through a self-transformative journey that enables you to facilitate the same for others. The question now is, are you ready to take the first step? Read on to discover the untapped potential that lies ahead in your journey as a Spiritual Coach.

Overcome Barriers and Become a Conscious Creator

In this ground-breaking course, you will learn:

  • The true power of intuition
  • How to be more present in everyday life
  • The art of intentional living and how to use it to improve your life
  • Total integration, which helps you seal in the changes at a cellular level so that your new reality becomes your default state of being
  • How to reframe success
  • How to become a conscious creator of your reality
  • The barriers that prevent people from creating consciously

The Quantum Leap: Transform Your Life in 30 Days

Are you ready to help your clients achieve more in one month than they have in the last ten years? Our program is designed to empower individuals to break free from the cycle of repeated behaviour and transform their lives in extraordinary ways.

Many people have big dreams but lack the belief in themselves to make them a reality. As a coach, you have the power to guide your clients towards taking action and achieving their goals. With the right mindset and priorities, anything is possible.

In this program, you will learn how to help your clients shift their perspective, overcome limiting beliefs, and take massive action towards their dreams. You’ll gain the tools and knowledge needed to support them on their journey of transformation, helping them to become the best version of themselves in just one month.

Practical Spirituality: Unleash Your Client's Inner Genius

Empowerment Tools

Our course equips you with actionable tools – worksheets, templates, samples, and scripts, designed to optimize your client’s journey towards self-discovery and success.

Course Uniqueness

We stand apart with our Spiritual Coach course. It teaches potent techniques to kindle the latent power within individuals. Eschewing outdated methods, we help you guide your clients towards transformative self-awareness. By attuning to their soul’s desires, clients can unearth their unique purpose and ignite their inherent potential.

Your Role in Their Success

Master the art of helping your clients live mindfully in the present, the key to a meaningful life. Our course offers you strategies to assist your clients in overcoming obstacles, unlocking their true potential, and realizing their ambitions. It also imparts the principles of intentional living, total integration, and redefining success – all aimed at shaping your clients into conscious architects of their own reality.

In this comprehensive program, you will:

Who is this certification for?

Meet Some of Our Course Curators

Marie Berne PhD.

Marie Berne PhD, an award-winning author and expert in literature, herbal therapies, and cultural studies, holds a PhD in Comparative Literature and a Degree in Herbal Medicine. Renowned as a writer, educator, and therapeutic specialist, her global experience and passion for herbal remedies underscore her unique interdisciplinary approach. Marie is celebrated for her contributions that blend cultural understanding with holistic wellness, highlighting the intricate relationship between nature and narrative.

Harold Sconiers

Harold Sconiers is a world-renowned coach at, guiding individuals and businesses towards substantial growth. He uniquely combines marketing savvy with profound insights into achieving personal and professional potential. As a celebrated speaker, life coach, and content creator, Harold excels in unlocking the innate potential within his clients. His expertise is backed by certifications in intuitive mentoring, life purpose coaching, and conversational hypnotherapy, emphasizing a holistic approach to success. Harold is the go-to coach for those aiming to navigate and thrive in today's dynamic environment.

Spirituality In Everyone


Imagine a world deeply rooted in spirituality, where every individual embarks on a journey towards self-awareness and inner peace, fostering a deep connection with their inner selves and the universe.

In this serene world, communities thrive on empathy, understanding, and collective growth. The bonds of spirituality encourage a harmonious coexistence, emphasizing the shared human experience and the pursuit of collective well-being.

Spirituality becomes the guiding light for society, illuminating paths to enlightenment and unity. This ideal world champions the power of spiritual connections, leading humanity towards a future of unconditional love and mutual respect.

What You'll Learn in the Program

This meticulously designed Spiritual Coaching program, crafted by top experts, blends transformative insights with actionable coaching strategies. Completing it empowers you with deep personal growth, community support mastery, and a sharpened coaching focus, launching your career to unprecedented levels.

Experience Our Dynamic, Interactive, and Innovative Learning Curriculum

This module challenges the traditional forms of Personal Development, suggesting that methods like “Goal Setting”, “Vision Boards”, and “Affirmations” often cater to shallow, ego-driven goals. The course emphasizes guiding clients towards a more profound, soul-centered existence, a higher level of service needed in today’s world.

In this inaugural module, you’ll delve into:

  • The reason societal perceptions of “Success” may not align with individual needs
  • The importance of directing clients towards authentic desires from a “Soul-Driven” perspective
  • The necessity of extraordinary actions to achieve “Extraordinary” outcomes
  • Conscious and unconscious hindrances to learning new skills
  • Strategies for affirming your commitment to becoming a successful Spiritual/Self-Development Coach
  • The concept of us as Conscious Creators of Reality
  • The five barriers that obstruct Conscious Creation
  • The tangible reality of thoughts
  • The distinction between “Trying and Being”
  • The principle of reciprocity in life

Our work encourages people to step into their power as conscious creators. To achieve this, one needs to be “Present” in every moment of their lives. The first part of our coaching system focuses on enhancing a client’s life awareness.

In this module, you’ll explore:

  • The reasons the conventional “Point A to Point B” coaching model is obsolete and inapplicable to our approach
  • Techniques to foster clients’ presence in daily life
  • Common internal obstacles that inhibit Spiritual/Self-Development Coaches from achieving success
  • The recognition that you are already a “Master,” “Guru,” or “Enlightened Being”
  • The affirmation of your qualifications to share spiritual insights and serve as a coach
  • A potent process to discover your own “Foundation of Mastery”
  • The ethical grounds for charging for spirituality
  • The misconceptions surrounding “Enlightenment” and “Wealth”
  • An exercise to quantify the true value of your work
  • Fundamental guidelines for a successful Spiritual/Development Coach
  • A sample Coaching Contract customizable to your business needs

Every robust structure requires a strong foundation. This is also true for the Coaching process, where we need to set positive expectations from the beginning. This module will address several misconceptions about the business that often hamper Spiritual Practitioners’ success.

In this module, you’ll learn about:

  • A sample email to welcome clients to the Coaching process
  • The importance and structure of an “Intake Form”
  • The significance of having a “Why” and an exercise for the client to discover their “Why”
  • The distinction between traditional goals and “Soul Intentions”
  • Techniques for guiding clients in understanding “Soul Intentions”
  • The communication pathways of the soul in everyday life
  • The identification of the “Silent Voice of Intuition”
  • A take-home worksheet to help clients decide their daily “Investments”

We all possess an infinite well of inner wisdom called “Intuition,” a vastly underutilized guidance source. This course aims to help people tap into the wisdom of their hearts and souls, transcending the boundaries of the intellect to touch the realm of cosmic genius.

In this module, you’ll uncover:

  • The unparalleled importance of intuition
  • The pitfalls of over-reliance on human intellect
  • The manifestation and role of the “Ego” in our lives
  • The sources of information for the logical mind
  • The elimination of judgment through soul-guided communication
  • Techniques to help clients tap into their “Genius Within”
  • A script to discuss “Messages from the capsule” with your clients
  • The contrast between “Motivation” and “Inspiration”
  • The barriers preventing people from striving for their own ideals
  • The limitless joy derived from living an “Inspired” life
  • A script explaining the “Double-Lens” technique to accelerate goal achievement
  • The sneaky influence of “Distraction”

The universe communicates through its unique language, unrestricted by words, sounds, or symbols. As everything in existence is energy or information, the environment constantly provides signals guiding the optimal path forward. This module will teach you to interpret this information and use it to enrich lives.

In this module, you’ll explore:

  • The universe’s continuous communication with us
  • How encounters in the outside world provide messages from the collective Higher Consciousness
  • How people’s problems often signal deeper wounds that require healing
  • The non-existence of “Coincidence”
  • The occurrence and significance of “Synchronicities”
  • A script highlighting the regular synchronicities in your client’s life
  • A take-home worksheet to enhance your client’s awareness of synchronicities
  • The importance of transitioning from “Intellect” to “Intuition”
  • The body’s communication methods regarding daily choices
  • The trapping of emotional energies within the body
  • The physical benefits of maintaining a positive emotional state
  • The role of our perspective in shaping reality
  • A script to help clients change impulsive or irrational judgments
  • A technique or home exercise to shift limiting perspectives in any life area

Traditional coaching programs typically concentrate on what individuals can “do” to better their circumstances. This module, however, places a heavier emphasis on a person’s “State of Being” in every moment. You’ll discuss how the client’s body can provide essential insights and the role of “Perspective” in shaping reality, along with an exercise to shift someone’s point of view.

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • Why reliance on the intellect is often ineffective or even counterproductive for decision-making
  • The drawbacks of focusing on “Doing” in any given situation
  • The importance of “Being” over “Doing”
  • How to guide your client in understanding their “Body Language” to tap into their “Inner Truth”
  • An exercise to help clients make correct decisions
  • How emotional energies can become “Trapped” in the body and the benefits of maintaining a positive emotional state
  • The creation of reality through personal perspectives
  • A script to change your client’s perspective and help them view challenging situations more objectively

At the end of the course, there will be a final exam in the form of a multiple-choice questionnaire. To validate it, you must obtain 80% of correct answers. If you score less than 80%, you will have the opportunity to retake the exam. Once you pass the exam, you can print your certification online.

This module discusses the importance of present-moment awareness for your client’s success and how to help clients deal with naysayers in their lives. You’ll acquire tools to help clients stay on their path regardless of environmental challenges.

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • The concept that everything that has happened or could ever happen is occurring “Right Now”
  • The importance of healing and change taking place in the present moment
  • An exercise to help your client stay present throughout each day
  • Techniques to assist clients in dealing with societal negativity
  • A script detailing how to shield clients against negative influences
  • An exercise to overcome naysayers in your client’s life
  • The differences between “Head Logic” and “Heart Wisdom”
  • An exercise to reconnect with your heart’s wisdom

“Success” carries different meanings for each individual. This module discusses helping clients break free from cultural conditioning to walk their unique paths. You’ll learn to coach your client through common struggles of walking the spiritual path and tackle the “Lack of Discipline” excuse.

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • How success’s superficial trappings can distract from genuine fulfillment
  • The widespread experience of “Quiet Desperation”
  • The importance of bringing “Awareness” into daily life
  • An overview of the “Conscious” and “Subconscious” minds
  • Challenges encountered on the enlightened path
  • A script to coach clients through mistakes
  • An exercise to help clients reconcile with their past
  • Techniques to challenge your client’s beliefs during sessions
  • The true reason behind perceived “Lack of Discipline”
  • A script to help clients overcome fear of public speaking
  • An exercise to help your client change their self-perception

This module focuses on the practical aspects of personal transformation. You’ll help clients embrace the mindset of “Success” while acknowledging the need for action steps towards their goals. Topics will include time management, purposeful living, and goal-oriented activities.

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • An exercise to help clients stay focused and present
  • A technique to inject more “Fun” into your client’s day
  • The concept of “Body Symbology” and interpreting physical symptoms
  • An exercise to help your client access the “Power of Forgiveness”
  • An exercise to help your clients cultivate “Appreciation”
  • The productivity aspect of Spiritual/Personal Development
  • The importance of creating new routines for your client
  • A worksheet for a successful day setup
  • An exercise to create “Routines of Awesomeness”

This final module is about setting your client on a path of sustainable success. It provides you with “Ready-to-Go Coaching Moments” to help clients navigate specific issues and a detailed script for group presentations about your business.

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • An exercise to help clients plan their distractions
  • Several “Ready-to-Go Coaching Moments” for on-the-fly guidance
  • Techniques to spread the word about your business
  • A script for group presentations about your services

Your name on a certificate

Enhance your practice with our custom-designed certificates, crafted to highlight your unique skills and achievements. Personalized with your name and specific accomplishments, these certificates serve as a professional endorsement and a reflection of your commitment to the field. Secure and display your certificate today to succinctly demonstrate your dedicated expertise in Spiritual Coaching!

After this comprehensive certificate program, you’ll be able to…

Now Is Your Chance to Make History!

Seize this unique opportunity to shape the future with our Spiritual Coaching community. Dive into the profound influence of spirituality on personal and collective well-being. Learn essential and groundbreaking strategies for a journey filled with self-awareness and empowerment. Together, we’ll harness spirituality’s core tenets to enhance personal transformation, uplift our communities, and create a world brimming with compassion and support.

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